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Calling all Sundog fans

March 2, 2011 159 Comments

Wayne Holder, founder of FTL Games and co-designer of Sundog: Frozen Legacy, is seriously contemplating bringing Sundog back to modern platforms. But he needs to get a sense of the level of interest for such a game. Drop me a line here and let me know:

  • if you are interested in seeing Sundog available again
  • what platform(s) you would like to see it on
  • if you would like to be added to a mailing list for news of Sundog

In the meantime, I’ll be contacting those who have sent me e-mails in the past with the same questions. Look forward to hearing from you.

UPDATE [09/12/13]: Wayne has actually done work on Sundog, but I don’t know the current status. Feel free to continue to send feedback.  ..bruce..

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About the Author:

Webster is Principal and Founder at at Bruce F. Webster & Associates, as well as an Adjunct Professor for the BYU Computer Science Department. He works with organizations to help them with troubled or failed information technology (IT) projects. He has also worked in several dozen legal cases as a consultant and as a testifying expert, both in the United States and Japan. He can be reached at 303.502.4141 or at

Comments (159)

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  1. mzwosta says:

    Hi Bruce,

    thanks for your mail – good to hear, that there could be a perspective for Sundog!
    To your questions:

    – I’m definitely interested in seeing sundog again

    – favorite platform: mac os x, but windows would be fine too. And also: considering the screen – resolution of the original game: why not on iOS / Android? I will by a smart phone during the next months, and possibly a tablet, too.

    Just one hint / opinion: Sundog was a fantastic game – and it still is!!! Regardless of an “old graphical resolution” – it’s the flow of the game, the ideas and the atmosphere, that keep me many of my friends fascinated. So in my opinion it does not need fancy new graphics – for me, a simple port would be fine – and I would pay for it! Just imagine sitting in a train after a hard day of work and then playing sundog on an iPad or an Android tablet … !

  2. fencepost says:

    So does this mean that the potential open source project is now truly dead rather than mostly dead?

    I have to admit I had fun with this as a kid with an Atari ST. I could see it working as a mobile device game (I’d prefer Android over iOS), and working with those platform limitations wouldn’t require major changes to the feel of the game. I could also see it becoming a huge sink of attempts to “improve” the graphics, combat, etc. on PCs such that it might never actually be seen.

  3. Francois424 says:

    Looking forward to a SunDog remake. I am a strong PC user, so obvsiously my choice go that way. As much as I agree with “mzwosta” about the fascination for the game, new graphics would be awesome. But the “Resurrected Legacy” project that was in progress already had a “nice’n’quick” graphic upgrade that is more than enough.

    That being said, if a 3D version would see the day, I woudn’t spit on it. But I’ll be happy with whatever remake sees the day as my original AtariST floppy is now dead.

    — Francois424

  4. dfxdx says:

    A remake of Sundog would be fantastic, although in agreement with others a simple port would be a great start. Better graphics would be nice but the graphics were really secondary to the gameplay.

    The platform is the tricky question. Mobile: An iPad app would use obj-c while an Android app would be Java. Desktop: Java would be brilliant since you could run it on Mac, Linux and Windows. I guess C++ possible but would that risk tying it to Windows especially if we start going DirectX and such stuff? That would not be good.

  5. ZED says:

    All I can say is PLEASE!

    I would love to play this again.

  6. Karl says:

    I have checked for news of a new release of this great game every few months for the last several years. Sorry to see the Sundog Resurrection is gone for good, hope you really do come through with something sometime though 🙂 I would prefer to see something on a windows platform, or if it for mobile devices, then the Android OS.

  7. Jake says:

    Hi Bruce, it’s Jake. I worked on the Sundog Resurrection project before it fizzled due to project members having other commitments. I did the graphics, game design, star system, market formula calculations, etc. I would LOVE to see some movement on bringing Sundog to the modern age – its been a dream of mine for years. During my time with the project, I received countless emails expressing excitement about the project, so I know many people would love to see this game come alive!

    Please let me know what I can do! FYI I changed email addresses, so please use the email address provided with this post. Thanks!

  8. Horatio says:

    I played this game when I was a teen and have hoped for its resurrection for a couple of decades! I hope you are serious about this. I think your best option is in the mobile market. There is nothing quite like it and I think would have a greater chance of going viral.

    I prefer the android perform! But would love to see on pc.

  9. Alex says:

    Sundog is a fantastic game. I hope that this happens; I’d definitely get it.

  10. Papo Rodrigues says:

    Please Bruce I’ve been waiting for so long i would pay anything……..

  11. Shannon says:

    The “key” to Sundog, for me, that put it above *all* “space-trading” games previously and since, is that there was a real sense that the things you were doing were having a *permanent affect on the game world*. Of course this was an illusion, but it was a clever illusion.

    I’ve bought and played pretty much all the “space-traders” since, basically in an attempt to recapture that “Sundog feeling”. Nothing has come close. Different games have captured a different portion of the experience, but nothing has had the whole package.

    Please please please remake Sundog for the PC utilizing modern technology (and the PS3 / 360 if that’s what it takes to get the money) — I would pre-order NOW if there was a site to take my money…

    …note that I wouldn’t pay a penny for an “iPad port”, we’ve just come to far in what’s possible to “enjoy” a retro experience for more than 20 minutes.

  12. Erdrick says:

    One of my favorite games of all time. Would love to see this become a reality. A Windows version would be great.

    Keeping my fingers crossed this one pans out. Best of luck to you!

  13. Chris says:

    I would love to see Sundog return! I was never able to complete the Atari ST version and would love the chance to do it in a modern version! Hope this comes to fruition.

  14. Dave says:

    I have often considered creating sundog myself but other things have taken priority. It was my first favorite game – then DM came along. 😉

    I would certainly buy it again if it were re-released on Windows.

    Cannot wait to make those gun runs again.

    My son cannot wait either.

  15. Nick Sakkas says:

    I was 10 years old when I read about SunDog in a greek gaming magazine.

    I had an Amstrad then and I could only dream about playing it. Then got an Amiga. Years passed. Never played SunDog, but it was that game, the one that always seemed to elude me.

    Recently I tried getting an emulator in order to play a pirated rom version but never managed to play it. Then I found out about this page.

    So, YES, I am interested in a new incarnation of SunDog!

  16. Arnie Elkins says:

    Interested in seeing Sundog again? YES!!! I spend all my time on an iPad these days, but I would buy a Windows version in a heartbeat. I was just yesterday looking for a new something, I did not know quite what, when it occurred to me, what I really wanted was Sundog on my iPad! Please?

  17. Jason kent says:

    IOS would be wonderful. I found this post actually by searching for sundog on iPad. Hoping that someone had written something similar for iPad. I rarely fork over more than a few dollars for an iPad or iPhone app, but this would be the one I would pay more for.

  18. jonesy says:

    Sundog was one of the games I bought when I got my Atari ST. While I never got all that far with it I’d love to give it another go.

    I’m running all Linux now, but between Wine or Crossover Games, VirtualBox with a Windows install, or cross-platform code in Java or Python, I’m ready.

    Please, bring it on.

  19. Russell says:

    A huge Sundog fan long ago and always hoped a sequel would be released. Any thought in possibly writing the software for tablets. I think this would be a grwat sell!!! Play anywhere!

  20. Don Westcott says:

    I got hooked on Sundog on my Apple IIGS. I no longer have room for that system and it’s all boxed up in my attic. I was helping Banville grow and really enjoyed the experience. I was unable to get off a planet due to attackers destroying me. I’d love to get Sundog for a PC and start all over again.

  21. John says:

    Psyched for the re-make!!

  22. Zach says:

    I would definitely be interested in an updated version of Sundog for modern systems. I would prefer a PC version, as I do all of my gaming on PC these days.

  23. GMannelly says:

    Great news! I too would like to see it on ALL of the popular platforms today.
    To have it in IOS, plus PS3 or IMac and even Windows would be great.
    Must save the Cryogens! Another great game for ST, Carrier Command, is
    In the works for ALL platforms – this shouldn’t come any less than that
    – the sooner the better!

  24. Dan T says:

    Been waiting (im)patiently for news on Sundogs rebirth. It was one of the funnest games I had on my Apple IIc. While I imagine that it could be a great game on consoles, I think the effort to expand playability would take away the charm that made it so enjoyable.

    While I would LOVE to see a Windows version done, it really seems to scream “iPad”. Keeping the gameplay somewhat simplistic (not worrying about 3d rendering of characters, etc) and slanted to the strategic side would make it work great with touch-screen operation.

  25. Jay says:

    I am a huge fan, I was looking for an Atari ST just to play again!!!!!

  26. Aleks says:

    The memories of this game are epic memories for me. I would love to see this game get made.

  27. ara says:

    1) Yes I would love to see and buy a direct port and/or a new version as well

    2) OSX and Android please!

    3) Yes to the mailing list as well.

    I played Sundog quite a bit back in the day. An amazing game that I still show off to friends!

  28. Wayne says:

    I love this game! Every time I saw Star Wars, Han Solo reminded me of Sundog.

    I think the best game platform is JAVA or Flash so it is playable online by any computing O.S. Also, you can populate each planet, environment with real players instead of computers and of course they can fight against each other, be a merchant, etc just like in the original Sundog. So it is like a virtual world in itself.

    I have more ideas about such a game but this will get more complicated. For now, I think it’s best to keep it simple with the old logic but today’s graphic.

    A great game like this is best played online where you can interact with other people LIVE! Of course they can also choose to trade with you, rob you, etc just like in the original game. They can do as they wish.

    I hope this game will come true soon because it’s by far my favorite game.

  29. Adam says:

    Sundog is one of the greatest games of all times. There has never been a game since then that captures the theme of Sundog. It would be such a joy to be able to play this on the PC with updated graphics. You’ve got my vote!

  30. Excited says:

    Sundog was one of the most engaging and addictive games I ever played. It should be remembered and celebrated as a groundbreaking, unique game, and yet it seems to have been largely lost in history. There aren’t even any Sundog-inspired games. Yet I think of it always, constantly wishing that instead of a one-off, it had been a series that was still continuing into the modern era of gaming today.

    I am delirious with exciting of the possibility of a new Sundog game, so please please please carry forth on this project and I will be waiting on the other end with my cash.

  31. Excited says:

    Windows or Mac, or iPod/iPhone. Desktop preferably although I can see who the touch interface is perfect for the game. I can imagine fiddling with the ship parts in a touch screen environment for sure.

  32. Dave Bastian says:




  33. Steve U. says:

    Wow, I used to play Sundog for endless hours on my apple 2e. I still have two copies of Sundog on big 5 1/4 inch disks in which one was a bug fix sent to me personally after an email way back when. I also have the huge notebook sized book that came with it (black n white). Sundog graphics on the outside and back if I remember correctly, I’ll have to dig it out.

    With that said, I would love a port.. An apple iPad port would cause me to buy an apple iPad just for that… I have a iPhone.. Ehh kinda small!!

    A full on reincarnation would rock… Make it better than privateer :)… Today’s graphics… Sundog rocks..

    Make it happen please

  34. Dave says:

    Fond memories of one of my top ten favorite games of all time. I started playing it at the age of five or six, but it took me until the age of fourteen before I finally beat it. I remember looking through the PC gaming section of every store I visited, hoping to find a copy of “Old Scores To Settle”, but it seems that never did come out. Well, if you release a remade Sundog on PC, I’ll buy a copy. Heck, I’ll buy two copies.

  35. Sundog Fan says:


    So much of my youth was spent in front of my Apple IIC playing Sundog. Bruce, please bring it back! I want to relive those days when I can just lose myself in that universe and blast away bad guys with my scattergun!

  36. Don Carpenter says:

    I spoke to you long long ago. Yes I played Sundog to the end. I accumulated over 8 million credit. I called about that mysterious last gate which was deactivated, on Enlie I suppose. I offered a new version of Dungeon Master as well with many graphics and ‘system’ plans as a space version game using the same ‘backpack, suit, etc.’ game place methodology, although for legal reasons you said not to send the ideas without prior agreements. I Have never lost interest in either game. Even last month I was wishing to recreate Sundog for iPad and wondering how to arrange that.
    So yes. Update the game for new systems. I believe iPads are perfectly capable of running Sundog. I will definitely buy it.

  37. Yttermayn says:

    YES!!! Please! A modern version for windows would absolutely ROCK!

  38. Nate says:

    I’m typing this from my iPad at this moment and think it would be the perfect platform for a re-release. I, like many, have very fond memories of playing the original.

  39. Ed says:

    Yes, please, revive Sundog!

    Windows or Linux works for me. It was too easy to die in deep space on the original ST version, though. Can we eat pizza this time?

  40. Tim says:

    loved that game on my old Atari IIC! Would be
    great to see it back! too many shoot em up
    clones out. Sundog was a real fun thinking game (with some shoot em ups as well!) only game i know of where you can get drunk and mugged!! LOL!

  41. JR says:

    Yea, I’d love to see Sundog make a comback!

  42. Josh says:

    I played Sundog a lot with the family as I was growing up. I’d love to see it back! Windows leads in PC gaming.. so Windows Xp-7.. but an Android version would rock!

  43. Geoff W. says:

    This must be done!

    I first played this game in 1986 when I was 7 years old.

    I played it from then until 1992 when I finally got a new computer. I still have my Atari 1024ST and it still works. I occasionally drag it out from some Sundog time.

    Do not poison this project with any ideas of Multiplayer support. Keep the basic premise and expand the universe.

  44. Rich says:

    I’d love to play an updated version of this game.
    I played it on the ST and couldn’t believe how big the game felt.

    I use linux now but would boot back into windows to play a new version.

  45. Yes, yes, and yes!

    We have been waiting for twenty five years to learn what happens to Zed.

    The ideal OS, of course, would be TOS, but I imagine we could settle for Windows.

    Cheers, Bruce!

  46. The_Wanderer says:

    Yes, please – bring it back! Began playing it on the ST many, many years ago, began playing on an ST emulator a few years ago, but we want more Zed! Give us closure!

    Seriously, great idea, and I suspect it’ll find a large following on modern platforms.

  47. Greg says:

    Really interested in seeing this game again.

    Happy to buy it when it comes out.

    For the PC.


  48. Jon Alan says:


    I’d love to see it, would be willing to pay a rather large sum… I suppose the PC is the obvious choice, but an iPad version would be truly awesome…

  49. Daniel Birtz says:

    I can not wait to play the Sundog Resurection.

    I saw that Google has relaunched a few Atari games. Do you think we could play with Chrome Sundog Apps in the meantime?

    After we will have to make a multiplayer version. : P

  50. Dwayne says:

    I check on this project every so often and would buy a modern version when offered.

    It had all the elements of a game that just hooks you from the start.

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