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Professional Affiliations

Senior Member, Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
Member, Institute of Electric and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society
Member, Information Systems and Audit Control Association (ISACA)
Associate Member, American Bar Association (ABA)

Work Experience

Brigham Young University (Adjunct Professor, Computer Science Department) [2017 – present]

Teaching senior-level course on software engineering.

Bruce F. Webster & Associates LLC (Principal / Founder) [2001 – present]

Conducted numerous reviews of existing and proposed IT systems, products, projects, and organizations; in the process, have evaluated project management practices, system architecture, software design and implementation, quality assurance and testing practices, security issues, personnel qualifications and performance, Year 2000 compliance, and intellectual property protection.

Qualified and testified at trial as an information technology (IT) expert in US District Courts (New York, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Colorado), US Bankruptcy Court (Virginia), in various state and circuit courts, and at arbitration hearings. Have served as an expert witness in arbitrations in Japan and the United Kingdom. Served as a sole arbitrator, with both parties abiding by my findings; served three times as a neutral expert. Serving as Adjunct Partner at Ironwood Experts.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (Director, IT Litigation, Dispute Analysis & Investigations) [1999 – 2001]

Built up nationally-recognized practice in IT-related litigation support. Published white paper and articles, co-chaired conference on systems failure litigation. Performed architecture & project reviews for PwC e-commerce joint ventures. Managed staff.

OSG Incorporated (Chief Technical Officer) [1996-1999]

Built practice and consulted in IT project management and failure, risk assessment, object technology, project architecture, CRM, quality assurance, Year 2000 issues. Performed project and architecture reviews; made recommendations and helped rescue projects. Clients included Fortune 1000 firms in finance, telecom, aerospace. Managed consultants.

Bruce F. Webster & Associates (Principal / Founder) [1995 – 1996]

Served as Chief Software Architect (consulting basis) for transportation communications firm; brought in to rescue OO-based network management development effort for Motorola’s IRIDIUMĀ® global telecommunications project, resulting in on-schedule delivery of NM software. Assessed and upgraded developers’ OO/C++ skills; developed general OO software development process. Organized and managed architecture and class design team for TMN-based implementation of network management software for telecommunications backbone.

Pages Software Inc. (Chief Technical Officer / Chief Architect) [1990 – 1995]

Built R&D/engineering division from scratch, hiring engineers, office manager, system administrator, director of quality. Helped raise $3M in initial venture funding ($7M total). Did original object-oriented architecture and GUI prototyping for groundbreaking desktop publishing software for UNIX (NeXTstep) workstations. Served as chief architect, leading product specification, object analysis, design, and development. Shipped multiple versions of publishing package and supporting products. Co-authored business plans; made visits with CEO to potential customers, partners, and investors. Involved in development and marketing of earliest commercial Web editing tools.

Bruce F. Webster & Associates (Principal / Founder) [1984 – 1990]

Did consulting/contracting work for a variety of firms (Apple, Sun, NeXT, Borland) in software engineering, object-oriented programming, commercial product development, technical writing, technical support.

Brigham Young University (Instructor, Computer Science Department) [1985 – 1987]

Taught computer science department classes on introduction to programming, assembly language, data structures & algorithms, computers & society.

BYTE Magazine (Consulting Editor / Columnist) [1984 – 1987]

Placed on monthly retainer by BYTE to write articles on software and hardware technology. Authored influential and highly rated column (“According to Webster”) containing industry analysis, technical exposition, hardware and software reviews. During entire 1980 – 1991 period, published more than 150 articles related to computer technology for a variety of publications, including BYTE, Macworld, MIPS, Turbo Technix, IBM Softalk, and others.

Oasis Systems (Vice President of Research & Development) [1982 – 1984]

Helped build highly successful word processing utility start-up; contributed to market-leading spell check package; adapted for commercial word processors. Started up and ran entertainment software division; was co-designer and chief developer of award-winning entertainment software. Managed programmers; performed marketing.

Monitor Labs (Chief Programmer-Analyst / Manager of Software Systems) [1981 – 1982]

Developed firmware for new products (environmental monitoring devices); fixed bugs, extended functionality in existing products. Managed computing facilities for engineering division; selected and acquired new systems.

Lunar and Planetary Institute ( Scientific Programmer/Analyst) [1980 – 1981]

Worked with scientists to apply computer technology to research efforts, including geological simulations and analysis of data from space probes.

Link Simulation (Systems Engineer) [1979 -1980]

Debugged and enhanced software for the Space Shuttle flight simulators at NASA/Johnson Space Center.

General Dynamics/WDSC (Associate Software Engineer) [1978 – 1979]

Provided software development for various aerospace engineering projects, including pattern recognition and classification in radar signatures, cruise missile and large space structure simulations.

BYU Translation Sciences Institute (Programmer / Team Leader) [1974 – 1978]

Worked on software for computer-assisted language translation project; served as team leader for Chinese Synthesis team.


University of Houston, Clear Lake (Graduate work in Computer Science) [1980 – 1981]

Accepted into Masters program while working full time. Completed classes in advanced pattern recognition, numerical methods, synthesis of logic systems with a 4.0 GPA. Moved away before completing degree.

Brigham Young University (BS Computer Science, 1978) [1971 – 1978]

Received full scholarship as National Merit Scholar. Spent two years (1972-74) doing missionary work in Central America. Completed graduate classes in computer graphics, artificial intelligence. Minor emphasis in languages and linguistics; achieved fluency in Spanish; studied Chinese, ancient Greek. Awarded “Highest Honors”, “University Scholar” designations at graduation.