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Past Projects

This is a page to capture certain personal and professional projects I’ve worked on in the past, most notably SunDog and Pages.

SunDog: Frozen Legacy was a real-time science fiction adventure game for the Apple II (later ported to the Atari ST). It first came out in 1984, but I still get one or two e-mails each month about it. In the prior version of this website, I had quite a detailed subsection about SunDog; I plan to replicate that here, but it will take some time.

Pages by Pages was a design-oriented word processor for the NeXTstep operating system. It came out in 1994; we quickly saturated the (rather small) NeXTstep installed base and then had nowhere to go except to Windows — but we ran out of money before that could happen. Again, I plan to create a detailed subsection about Pages, since much of it was ahead of its time. (We released a commercial WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop web page editor in early 1995, but couldn’t convince the venture capitalists to fund it — they kept asking, “What’s all this web stuff?”)

We’ll see what else gets posted here. ..bruce..