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More thumps and reboots

February 22, 2011 1 Comment

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was recently on a business trip where my HP laptop was largely unusable with the hotel’s internet system. Whether I was using wired or wireless connections, I was getting multiple blue screens of death (BSODs). So I dug out my Sprint U301 mobile broadband device (a 3G/4G USB dongle). However, I had done a factory restore of the laptop back in December and had not used the U301 since then, so the corresponding Sprint SmartView software (with the U301 drivers) was not installed, and my CD with that software was a few thousand miles away.

No problem: I got on the ‘net via the hotel long enough to download the latest and greatest SSV package (version 2.50.0094) from the Sprint support site, installed it, and…could not get my U301 to initialize and connect. The device, when plugged in, appeared to install itself with the requisite drivers, but when I launched SSV to connect to Sprint, SSV would see the device, try to initialize and connect, but never succeed. I did all the usual things (uninstall SSV, uninstall the 301 while deleting the drivers, do a clean reinstall of everything, etc.), but nothing worked.

As it turned out, Sprint had a repair center just four blocks where I was staying. Since I was paying the small monthly fee for equipment protection, I just dropped the U301 off, giving an explanation of my problems. Next day, I get a call: your device works just fine. I swing by the Sprint store, pick up the U301, and later in my hotel room try another clean installation. No luck.

Now, I had purchased the U301 in the spring of 2010, while doing extended work at a customer site back East; it had installed and worked just fine out of the box — same laptop, same OS (less whatever Win7 updates had come out), same system utilities. But I noticed that the SSV software I downloaded was dated 1/13/2011, so it was definitely not the same version I had originally installed.

So, on a hunch, I started searching the ‘net for older versions of the SSV software installation package. I found one: version 2.40xx (vs. 2.50xx on the Sprint site). I removed the 2.50 SSV software and the U301 (with its driver), installed the 2.40 SSV software, and plugged the U301 into my laptop.

Everything installed and ran just fine. It continued to run just fine when the 2.40 software upgraded itself to the 2.50 software.

Now, in light of my simultaneous problems with my Gateway box and the subsequent solution I found, I suspect there might have been another solution. But I’ll talk about that in my next post.  ..bruce..

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